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Subscription Guide

Welcome to Forex Hero signals where we offer professional Forex signals packages including e-mail alerts for trade entry and close as well as easy trade copier integrated with our website .

Let us start step by step guide on how to subscribe and setup your account:

1- Go to home page and scroll down to see all our available Forex signals packages, Choose the package suiting your goal by clicking on the button ” Buy Now”


2- After getting below screen click follow signal

3- After below screen appear, you click on the signal to buy, Always look to the details like if the signal is coming with  copy trade or not… etc.

4- Now you are been forwarded to our signals platform, where you need to sign up or sign in if you have account earlier, Also if you don’t have Forex account you can click the green button to open account at XM.

5- After click on register you get below screen to fill your details and click sign up button

6- if everything is OK you will get below screen where after that you should go to your e-mail and click confirmation link.

7- After clicking the confirmation link on your email and logging in , then you will be on your dashboard as below :

8- Now you should go to the left side menu and click signals

9- you will see our available signals to buy .

10- click on the signal either to see details or to buy

11- Click follow signal

12- select the signal and click

13- Payment processing is here and after payment you should see below :

14- Now to activate the trade copier , we need to first open an account and link our Forex trading account as below

15- So after click on accounts we find below :

16- After click add account

17- After adding our Forex account and all Broker details , we click add account and we get below screen

18- Then below :

19- Click view account to see below screen

20- Now the account is been added and it is time to activate the trade copier for the purchased signal, and let us go back to homepage and click on menu — > Configurator –> Trade Copier as below

21- after click we go to below screen

22- Click on add copier

23- After choose the signal source and then your account and also you can put yes if you want to copy the current active trades , then tick the box for terms and conditions.  finally click create copier to see below :

24- Now the trade copier is created and ready to go , and to start activating it we click on the settings item to go to general settings as below where we go to copy mode and make it ON and click update button.

25- Then we go to Risk Setting section as below screen where you can keep the default or change it as per your need or trading strategy.

26- Then we go to Stops & Limits as below screen, and you can choose the best options for you where to copy the pending orders or not and also if you want to have the take profit and stop loss copy or not .and then click update button.

27- Finally all is done and your trading is automated already with the signal you bought from our platform. and you will receive email every time we place a trade or if we close trades on your account.

Always you can monitor performance and results from your dashboard which should look like below :

Good Luck

For any support you can always contact us by email :